Dear Parishioners of St. Edwin, The past year has been one of blessings and growth. With the talented labor of our parishioners the religious education classroom-wing renovation project, launched with a grant from the Catholic Foundation, has been completed. We started with six tiny rooms and finished with four more spacious rooms. We are especially happy for our catechism teachers whose various classes were held together in the parish hall for several months. On another front, our beautiful family folklore dance troupe has completed its second year to the delight of our parishioners. A second group of new parishioners has formed a group of matachines. Their energetic practices easily qualify as aerobic exercise. Their major performance each year is for Our Lady of Guadalupe, with a novena in preparation. One of their days was spent at our Advent Reconciliation Service, and another at our vigil Mass for the Immaculate Conception. You can find their link below. In 2019 we look forward to placing a meditation path in the meadow outside the church for our annual processions, Lenten stations of the cross, and regular praying of the rosary. Back at the ranch our beekeeper team provided us with a fall harvest of eleven pounds of honey. It seems the bees took advantage of the New Mexico wildflowers planted last spring. Now during the cold months the worker bees huddle around their queen in a ‘winter cluster’ and flutter their wings to keep everybody warm. Nearby our five Navajo Churro sheep have proved easy to care for and gentle with people. This year we have been blessed with nine lambs. In March the kid goats will appear. As for the fields, our two one-acre permanent pastures seeded with Brutus fescue grass in the spring of 2018 are now mature enough for grazing. Our third field has now been chiseled, plowed, and laser-leveled, ready to be seeded for alfalfa. Fr. Peter
A friendly rural parish where lambs and kid goats are the lawnmowers.