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Dear Parishioners of St. Edwin, As the calendar on the left indicates, our year is full, and promises to honor our Lord Jesus by worship and other commuity activities. Our ten animals (sheep, goats, kids, and lambs) have already been designated to be bred, eaten, or merely fed. A parishioner blessed us with four tons of hay, expanding our winter feeding options considerably. Parishioners who know milking, sheering, butchering, breeding, and other ranch- related skills have formed a team. Others from the parish desirous of learning have signed on. Our four queen bees, each with her colony, have done well. This first year they have been busy building up their hives, yet still managed to give us a little honey. We are grateful to our parish beekeeper team who cared for them, often at their own expense. A group of parishioners gathered to peal and bag some New Mexico roasted chile. One bag is mild, the other hot. We now await New Mexican brunches in our fixed- up kitchen. The pastor has been informed that tamales are on the way. The parishioners stepped up to the plate early on to complete their Annual Catholic Appeal quota, so we now look forward to a full return of all further donations to the ACA. Fr. Peter
*From November 11, 2017 through March 10, 2018 the Saturday vigil Mass begins at 4:00pm; confessions are then moved up to 2:24-3:45pm.
Sat., Oct. 14, PARISH PICNIC!    Visitors Welcome!    12:00pm to 3:00pm Wed., Nov. 1, All Saints day    Holy Day of Obligation    Mass, 8:00am & 7:00pm (bilingüe) Fri., Nov. 10, Veteran’s Day Obs.    Office Closed    Mass, 9:00am Sat., Nov. 11 to Sat., Mar. 10    Saturday Masses at 4:00pm Thu., Nov. 23, Thanksgiving    Office Closed through Sunday    Mass, 9:00am    No Rel. Ed. this week Fri., Nov. 24, Thanksgiving Vacation    Office Closed through Sunday    Mass, 9:00am Tue., Dec. 5, Advent Reconciliation Service    7:00 in the parish church Fri., Dec. 8, Immaculate Conception    Holy day of obligation    Mass, 8:00am & 7:00pm (bilingüe) Tue., Dec. 12, O.L.O. Guadalupe    Regularly scheduled Mass, 8:00am    Festive Mass, 7:00pm (bilingüe)    Evening food & entertainment following Tue., Dec. 19, Posada Mexicana    Empieza en la iglesia, 7:00pm Thu., Dec. 21, New Mexican Posada Concert    Begins in the church, 7:00pm Fri., Dec. 22, Christmas Vacation    Office Closed    Mass, 9:00am Sun., Dec. 24, 4th Sunday of Advent    Office Closed    Mass, 9:00am & 11:00am Mon., Dec. 25, Christmas Office Closed Mass 9am & 11am