A friendly rural parish where lambs and kid goats are the lawnmowers.
Dear Parishioners of St. Edwin, Wholesome and unique opportunities have blessed St. Edwin Parish. The two fields where we sowed Brutus Tall Fescue grass are coming along nicely, and we have been watering them regularly from the acequia channel flowing behind our property. The roots will need a year to establish themselves before our animals can graze there. The New Mexico wildflower seed adorning our Clarence Rogers Meadow Well is sprouting up, and our bees are waiting for the nectar. The weeds are also growing vigorously, and we estimate it will take a number of years to get rid of them. It will be a long and drawn out battle. Our ewe sheep and nanny goats have all given birth and their young offspring brings delight to the children visiting them. Father and the maintenance head have been training the goats to be milked peaceably without bucking. Once that happens the children will be able to try their hand. In the meantime the parish is producing some amazing chevre cheese, bright, tangy, and fresh. A meandering path is being constructed throughout the Meadow where the processions of Palm Sunday, the Easter Vigil, our May Marian Day, and Corpus Christi can be held. Parishioners are enjoying use of their property. Many new teams are being formed at this this time and we are all learning how to work together in harmony. Skills such as keeping to an established calendar, punctuality, responding to phone calls, texts, and emails, and respectful communication of one’s concerns are being developed. It all spells healthy growth as people and fellow members of Christ’s Mystical Body. Fr. Peter
*By popular demand our Saturday vigil Mass now permanently begins at 4:00pm; confessions are therefore moved up to 2:45-3:45pm.
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