Fall 2019 Dear Parishioners of St. Edwin, rel ed program: class, mass, service marian group in parish USDA lamb Special Event Permit with Bernalillo County permanent bbq pad permanent food service pad fencing for amphitheater and patio 24 tables, 192 people grass in amphitheater food court alfalfa upcoming fall festival turn our attention to church Fr. Peter
Spring 2019 Message
Dear Parishioners of St. Edwin, For the first time at least in recent memory our Confirmation Team held its own retreat for those being confirmed, and even admitted young people from other parishes. Reports say it went great! They deserve a hats off for having the courage and gumption to begin something new. Our new processional path is developing nicely, starting at one entrance of the church and ending at another. The sides along the main path will be seeded once again with native wildflowers, offering beauty for the eyes and nectar for the bees. We will begin using it already this year for the annual processions of Palm Sunday, Easter Vigil, Marian May Day, and Corpus Christi. In 2020 the February 2 Candlemass (Sp. Candelaria) will fall on a Sunday and we will hold a big procession for that too. The dedicated path reminds us we are a pilgrim people. St. Edwin’s May 18 Spring Festival of St. Isidore is featured in the April Archdiocesan People of God Magazine. You can find the online version here. Meanwhile, our family folklore dance troupe is advancing month by month. We will soon be able to welcome them on our outdoor stage sporting newly painted gables.  On another front we have raised fourteen donated utility posts to stretch canvas across our Park Patio. If all goes well it will be up and ready to offer shade at the spring festival. Our two, one-acre fields have matured nicely and now sustain Brutus Fescue Grass, an excellent permanent pasture for grass fed animals. The Middle Rio Grand Conservancy District gave us the green light to start watering our fields the first week of April. We now look forward to alfalfa from our newly seeded northeast field. The bee-keeping team will see whether the bees take advantage of the 1.6 acres of alfalfa nectar, or not. The Navajo Churro sheep are doing well and seem to be enjoying the new pasture. This year we look forward to increasing our number of female ewes from five to seven. It means trading two of this season’s female lambs from our ranch for two different female ewes from another ranch, to avoid inbreeding. Copper the ram has proven to be both gentle and productive so we will keep him around as long as we possibly can. The kid goats started arriving the second week of April. Fr. Peter